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[ilus leggings]Original title◆■: Seminan talks about the semi-peninsula◇◇: All parties should maintain the “Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office” public number (XWS4_FMPRC) news-=, on May 7, the reporter asked: According to reports▷▼, the US Department of Foreign Agenmaster said that the United States recently said that North Korea has clarified that the non-nuclear will is the result of sanctions and stress in the “Boardian Declaration◇☆”. It will not relax the DPRK. On the occasion of the situation in the Peninsula, it is intentionally stimulating the other partys behavior to give the unpredictable dialogue atmosphere to pour cold water, so that the situation returns to the origin. What is Chinas comment=▷…◆? Shuang: Under the joint efforts of all parties, a series of positive changes in the Korean Peninsula in the Korean Peninsula are developed in the direction of the miserable direction. This situation is not easy, it is worth all to cheri.

Original title: Hu Xijin□▲: Read “As a middle class, I am not satisfied with the country■○.▽☆•” There is a sense of conspiracy for those three or forty-year-old work★▲, the house, child education is best to resonate☆△●▲. This is also the most important, truth. An article entitled “As a middle class, I am not satisfied with the country”, the author is Ningnan Mountain, the article is very long-◆-, I roughly read it, especially the second part, deeply feeling the author of the article Sincere……, what he mentioned is that many people in the first generation to the big city have arrived in the reality of 30 or 40 years old▪•■◇. He focused two major questions, one is high housing prices, and second is the difficulties and no-hole educational expenses in children, causing extensive resonance. @ 深 深 Ningnan Mountain Weibo Show old Hu today talks about these two questions. fir…▲•!

Original title: Jiangxiang Reservoir Project was approved to investigate the total investment of 3058 million yuan Jiangxiang reservoir project construction project has been approved by the State Council. The reservoir covers an area of ​​35670.9 mu, located in Dingyuan County◆▼=, Zhangzhou City△□. It is reported that the Jiangxiang Reservoir is an important backbone engineering in the “Huaihe River Basin” pool river basin◆=. It is an important part of the Jinjiang irrigation project of Mashan, is also one of the 172 major water conservancy projects that start construction during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period▷=★★. The main function of the reservoir is the water supply and irrigation, and it is difficult to facilitate flood control. The total investment of the project is 358 million yuan■■●▼. After the completion-■▪, it will solve the industrial●▷▽, agricultural and living water of the far millions of people, and will form “Jiang Jihuai” East Line Project with the Horseshan Level 4 water-proof water supply system, benefit the surrounding area•□▪. Source□▲▷: Zhongan Online Responsibility Edit.

A 7-year-old son was saved the video of the shore••◁, Xu Fangfang saw many times with his family•□△. After coming out of the initial panic, the water in the water is unable to stand firm☆-★, let them be more grateful, let them be determined, be sure to find him. The family gathering appeared◁☆•, the child fell alone on the water on May 23, Hefei City, Anhui Province, Xu Fangfang and her husband small with a 7-year-old son•-, and participated in the family party. After dinner at noon, a big family came to Feidong County Zhongxing Township and found a farmhouse playing with a pond★•○○. Walking on the fields of the water pond, a dozen people said a laugh○-, but did not realize that the danger is quietly close◆•◆▷. No one is noticed, what is small? excel yoga dance and fitness do colleges have letterman jackets breathable polo shirt custom china tshirt,