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[simple activewear]China News Shanghai May 28 (Reporter Chen Jing) Shanghai Solar Society New Energy System Innovation Technology Special Committee was formally established. The professional organization of Chinas focusing technology innovation for new energy systems is no previous report. The special committee is launched by the industry leader – Sunshine new energy■▪…, will be under the guidance of the Shanghai Solar Society in the future◆■, focus on the frontier technology of new energy systems▷▽, clearly develop, technical exchange and policy research◁☆, project declaration Wait for the target task, promote the new energy system technology field to form a new breakthrough. Executive Director■◆◆▷, Dr=△. Zhang Yanhu, Vice President of Sunshine New Energy○▲◇□, said that the report was expressed in an interview◆•, exploring the establishment of new ener.

Original title CPPCO member Ding Jie: Should be included in the country childrens disease medical model into health poverty alleviation in two sessions of this year☆•, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference…△, China Country Childrens Disease Medicine Public Welfare Fund and Angel Mama Fund Consultant▷★, Professor Ding Jie●▽◇▷, the First Hospital of Peking University “The” Regional Childrens Medical Insurance “model is incorporated into the political agreement of the policy of health poverty alleviation policy, and has been positive response from the committee◆…○. On March 3, Ding Jie committees said in the interview of the media that my countrys depletion strikes have achieved decisive progress in China…=, and the national poverty in the country has declined year by year. However△●, while the poor is significantly reduced, it remains more than 40% due to the proportion of poverty caused by the disease▲◇. In the poor, the poverty of children is the most serious…◇●▽. According to rural indigeno.

Original title: Dont blow it, dont move, who is shocked, who panic▲•◁, who has blowing big, dont you do? Chinese technology, dont blow it into the ground•★-▼. The evaluation of Chinas scientific and technological strength has always been a hot topic★◆◇▪. After the United States, the heat of this topic has reached a historical peak. Many people have realized the importance of core technology. I realized that I can buy it is not all, I realize that independent innovation is the foundation of the country. These are positive effects. However, there are also many mistakes and practices that are still very popular. We just clarified this as an opportunity△◁•▽. A common mistake is to blow the strength of China, who is shocked, who is panicked●■▽□. Some people often give me a variety of ■•○▷”shocked” articles●☆, ask me how to see□▽, it is a bit unbearabl.

Original title: Headline US Media: China hopes to lay down the US fighters in the war, the method is this – the US ■▼”National Interest-◇” Biyue Patent website issued questions “China hopes to lay a US fighter in the war★▽▪, this is The report said that China is developing a new generation of air defense missile systems, but there are few details. ▲ The screenshot of the US ▷-“National Interest” Biyue Patenet report seems to be obvious, the design purpose of this new weapon is to deal with the various threats from the plane and cruise missiles to the ballistic missile. In fact, Chinese engineers developing this new weapon system seems to show that this new system will be designed to provide remote ball missile defense in a variety of environments. According to the report◁……▲, Chinese researchers pass the design control system (▷•▷”brain▷=” in all missiles)○◆□◇, ?

Original title: Wang Guanghui, director of the Supreme Site Reform-▽△, on the reform of the judicial responsibility●▼…, and the reporter Liu Ziyang Wang Fang Hainan procuratorate criminal appeal case case increasing rate increased by 21.45%; Chongqing Prosecutors review of the average use of the average injection of last year, 9.2 days, Decreased by 34.58%; Guizhou has reviewed 3•▲=,800 cases, judicial irregularity and judicial 疵 have reached 78▽◁▽.9% and 72.5%, respectively -★…..▷☆◇…. this is the change in judicial responsibility reform. …◆”Some prosecutors said, now lying in the mind is still overwhelming. After reform●■◁, the prosecutors hand-written responsibility is obviously enhanced, Whoever handles the case, who is responsible, who is responsible, who is responsible◁▼-, is deeply rooted into the heart.★○▽” The highest Deputy Director of the Political Department of the Peoples Procuratorate★▼=, Judicial System Refo.custom high waist sport leggings clothing manufacturers in georgia wholesale legging,