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[beachwear wholesale]China International Broadcasting Station reporter: I would like to ask Hu Xiaoyai, first congratulations to the Holidays•…☆. This year, the Premier Government Work Report is proposed to expand international production capacity cooperation and optimize the external investment structure•○. Ask us to introduce us, whether the ●■”transcript” we have achieved last year is enough in foreign investment and international capacity cooperation? What kind of work will we focus on this year◁◇, promote the formation of a comprehensive open new pattern■•□? Thank you○◁. Hu Xiaoyai: Thank you for your holiday greetings as a representative of women. Indeed■△●▪, as a member of the Womens Political Consultative Conference…▪□★, I am proud to participate in the participation of the CPPCC. This problem you mentioned◆●, first, in 2017=△●, it has achieved huge achievements in the opening◁▽▷▪, international capacity cooperation and construction of an open econom■○.

Original title: The motherland picks up your home▼…! China-South Korea handover the remains of the Han Zhizhi Millennium Martyrs March 28th, on the morning of the 28th, China and South Korea have solemn, the fifth batch of the remains of the Chinese Peoples Volunteers Martyrs in South Korea. Gao Xiaobing, member of the Party Group of the Civil Affairs, attended the handover ceremony◇-, and the Sino-Korea Party parties signed a handover◁☆, confirming the transfer of 20 Chinese Peoples Volunteers Martyrs and related relics△▲. Some of the staff in Korea Embassy in Korea participated in the handover instrument in Han Zhonghui agency△▲•★, Chinese overseas Chinese and international students★•▷. Chinas site held a short mourning ceremony, Chinese Ambassador, Chinese Ambassador Qiu Guo, covered the national flag for the remains of the volunteers, with the deputy director of Gao Xiaobing◆□=, “The motherland picks up your home△•▲★ Workout T Shirts supplier – arobic step. sports team bomber jacket!

Original title: provoke the honeymoon period of the China Russian relations and the latest routine□●☆, renewed again△□▪★. Soon○•, Qingdao will hold a new first-selection, Russian President Putin will visit China and attend, which is also the first visit to the big country after President President. The knife brother brushed the news on the Internet, but saw a clear report that was very conspicuous in an applause and flowers□•●. Ni? Do you have a relationship between these two? After reading the understanding, the knife girl helped everyone to draw this report: 1 The Russian media forwarded Bloomberg exclusively reported that the report invoked several anonymous sources, saying China will cancel Plan Plan in 2019. It is fully released to make everyone born (this has been rumored). 2 Russian society is frightened-◇●■, worri high waist sport leggings supplier satin dress with leather jacket!

For primary and secondary school students in the city, the burdens▲•…, or mainly refers to the flooding of extracurricular training, competition and homework; for many rural students, the burden may come from the only grade orientation in the classroom, and Inside the pressure of learning tasks because of lack of effective extracurricular guidance. ▲ Source=…: China Net. Wen Editorial is one of the keywords in the “two sessions” this year★◁. In the governments work report, it also clearly proposed •▷”Following the Problem of Extracurricular Extracurricular Extracurricular▽…▪”. Many bills of proposals on behalf of the committee have focused on the reduction of primary and secondary school students. For example, the representative of Chai Gen said that students reduce their minds to reduce their psychological “negative…▲”, preventing the increasing extracurricular extracurricular increments; Zhang Zhiyongs representative of the “reduction◇…” is not equal to the …○◇”retreat☆●…” of public education; Zhou Hongyu delegate ,Pu?

Original title-◆▷•: Chinese special national diplomacy presents new weather (Wanghai Building) “Peoples Daily Overseas Edition◇▼◇” (March 01, 2018) The 19th National Report of China has established the overall goal of Chinese characteristic foreign diplomacy, painting new blueprint. On March 8, Wang Yi, China Foreign Minister, attended the 13th National Peoples Congress, a reporter meeting◁◁▷, and answered the Chinese foreign policy and the external relationship, interpreting the purpose and purpose of Chinas diplomacy•●, facing doubts and accused, explaining the idea With the hope•▪…, enhance communication and understanding of the international community▲▷. The heads of diplomacy is changing. Wang Yi pointed out that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the President Xi Jinping has been a total designer of Chinas characteristic foreign diplomacy▲•, personally painting and promoting the wonderful heads of heads, and visiting the world 57 countrie.