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can you deflate an exercise ball![stability ball sizes]Original title: National Committee of the CPPCC: New •▪●”opium” [Global Network Science and Technology Comprehensive Report] recently, many young people have caused a series of consequences for online games. The deputy main committee of Guangdong Province just arrived in Beijing▷★-, the vice chairman of the Guangzhou CPPCC, the deputy chairman of the Guangzhou CPPCC, and the deputy principal of Guangzhou University appealed to prevent mobile games to be addictive from the doll•□-, accelerated the establishment of the online game grading mechanism◇…. The proposal brought by Xin Weis committee is ◆★●•”Suggestion on Accelerating Online Hoisting”◁▷◇◇. When I accept an interview, she said that “online games have no classification, what kind of content I suggest, what class•△, what age can I Play◇-•●, should be set▪=☆☆. “In the proposal, Yu Xin Weis current young doctors is awkwa.

Original title: Urban deputy center, detail▽▼■, walk and bicycle travel will be prioritized here Polly Medical New Beijing News (Reporter Li Yukun Guo Chao) “Beijing City Deputy Center Control Detailed (Draft” This morning, this morning▪-, this What is the future of the citys deputy center▽◆■○? How do you have a brightener for the detailed planning of construction•▲▼? The Beijing News reporter conducts detailed comb. Positioning: Beijing New Wings One of the wings today (March 29), the third meeting of the Standing Members of the Fifteenth Peoples Congress of Beijing, the third meeting of the Standing Members of the Peoples Congress, listened to and considered the Municipal Planning and Land Management Committee on “Beijing City Deputy Center Report of Control Details (Draft) “. Beijing urban center is a wing of Beijings new two wings, to focus on the relationship between deputy center and central urban area=•□, a.

Original title○△▷=: European representatives△●: Prevent dye industry pollution “big transfer” This reporter Li He printing and dye production pollution is serious, and my country has a large-scale shutdown in printing and dyeing enterprises. Ou△☆=, deputy director of the National Peoples Congress…☆, deputy director of Zhejiang Longsheng Group Co., Ltd. Technology Center★=□●, said with environmental law enforcement, some “industrial transfer▼●” in the dye industry without technology, self-east, from north Since the city, townships and rural areas and rural areas. “Some areas are attractive in the” regional environmental emissions “, which is attractive▲◇, and it has undertaken from the heavy pollution chemical enterprises that have been eliminated from the more developed regions. The environmental pollution incidents from industrial transfer are continuously erupted. Tenggerry desert pollution case, before being exposed, the south edge of Tenggerry desert is concentrated in the middle of the dy.

Xinhua News Agency◆•◆○, Zhengzhou, March 18 (Reporter Shuangrui) At 8:00, with the opening of the Yellow River Inner Mongolia, the opening of the Yellow River▪△•□, Ling Feng flood safety entered the Yellow River Wanjiazhai water conservancy hub○☆, the Yellow River 2017-2018 was officially ended. The reporter learned from the Yellow River Water Conservancy Committee of the Water Conservancy that the Yellow River Inner Mongolia River section begins to Drain, on November 18◆◆○☆, 2017, first sealed on December 4, on March 18, 2018, opened in the whole line, Ling Feng period lasted 121 days●▲. During the blocked the river○○=, it was stable◇☆▷▲, and there was no bigger danger and disaster■◇. Ling Zhen is due to the clogging of the ice dam burst into ice or ice, causing the river in a phenomenon that the river is not smooth. The Yellow River Basin Things spans 23 longities•▪, the north-south separation of 10 latitures, terrain and landforms are different▷▲, and the runoff is also mo••☆?

The remote area is no longer far away, and the backward area can follow the pace of the times■△. The key is to firmly expand the determination and action Xi Jinping General Secretary to participate in the Review of Chongqing Delegation, “Accelerate the construction of the inland open highlands, the beautiful land of the mountains Strive to promote high quality development▪★●□, create high quality life, and let Chongqings work on the new level▼▷. ▪•” This is two years later▲◁, General Secretary Xi Jinping once again made the development requirements of the development of the construction of the inland open highlands in Chongqing□☆, and the development of the direction of Chongqing•○◇, providing fundamental follows●▷, also let Chongqing in the new round of open strategies More prominent. Chongqing is a landlocked city in the Midwest☆▲, how can the inland cities have open temperament, showing “coastal advantages”? At the two sessions of Chongqing this year, this topic has caused a wide range of hot discussion■△▽.

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