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[crossfit funky]Original title: Ma Guoqiang has served as deputy secretary of Hubei Provincial Party Committee Source: WeChat public account “Changan Street•★▲,◇◇○▼” Hubei Daily has just released news-☆, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China: Comrade Ma Guorong Ren Hubei Provincial Committee, Standing Committee, Deputy Secretary. Recently◆-◁…, Chen Yixin, deputy secretary of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee◁=★▪, and Wuhan Municipal Party Committee■▪=●, Chen Yixin, has been to Beijing, has served as the Secretary General of the Central Political and Legal Committee. Ma Guoqiang is the Hebei Dingzhou, Hui, born in November 1963. He graduated from Huazhong University of Technology (now Huazhong University of Science and Technology), graduated from Beijing Iron and Steel College (now Beijing University of Science and Technology)◇△▪, has been working in Shanghai Baosteel Group after 1995, 2009 years of general manager of Baosteel Group. In May 2013○◇, he came to Hubei▲△, as the general manager of Wugandang Group, the chairman of the following 2016 two major steel giant Baostee.

Original title▲○★: Netizen “Wild Love Song◇•” reveals the inside of Qianbao collector illegal rights protection insider @ 平安 江苏 April 9 news◆▼, Yangzhou citizen Ge Mou (net ▽-“Lang people love song 508□◇”)■=■◆, in participating in “Qian Baoyai” fundraising After returning, listening to the rumors and embarks on the path of illegal “rights protection”○▲•=, publishing or forwarding more than 70 articles containing a large number of rumors and false information, becoming the manufacturer and communicationman of rumors, and producing a so-called non-reporting. The statement, induced the ●-…▽”Qian Baoyi” fund-raising participants did not report, because he was suspected of seeking trouble and impulsive crimes, he was taken by the Municipal Public Security Bureau at the end of March. Recently•◆☆, he accepted an interview, revealing the inside story of illegal rights protection of Qianbaos raising people. Its hard to get a greedy: Fast forward is still planted★●…=, and if he said, he is in the beginning of 201■★.

Original title: Interview with the Party Secretary of the Ministry of Communications, Yang Chicang, responded to some questions, net us▽◆, sharing bicycles ..=▽…. travel problems always care about the focus. Recently, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, Zhang Chicang, Party Secretary•◆=-, Ministry of Transport, received an interview with “Government” (WeChat ID: XJBZSE), this year, the Ministry of Communications will continue to actively develop new technologies and new models in the field of transportation in transportation. New business. On March 10th, the 3rd meeting of the 13th National Committee of the National Peoples Political Consultative Conference★▷, Yang Chicang sat in the chairpement and shared a bicycle in the “wind”▲=, the deposit refund is difficult, etc.▼◇…, Yang Chuantang responded◁▪-, sharing bicycle Governance needs to adhere to the principle of multi-party regulations, and the supervision methods for deposits and prepaid funds are under developmen.

Original title: The Central Political Bureau why the ▽•★•”high-quality development•☆◆□” tuning at the high-level meeting of the Central Political Bureau▲▷□☆, clearly proposes that “Completing the annual target task needs to pay hard”▲●▪★, which is relatively rare in the past◆△. And the point of hard work, it should also be continued to deepen the reform and opening up. ▲ Source=•▼: Visual Chinese Wen Editorial According to Xinhua News Agency…▼▲•, the Central Political Bureau held a meeting on April 23 to analyze the current economic situation and economic work. The meeting emphasized that “the completion of the annual target task needs to pay hard. The key is to take the initiative to take the initiative to the requirements of the high-quality development, to the pretension☆-■□, and the timely change. To strengthen the top floor design, the top design, and the introduction of high Indicator system, policy system, standard system○■, statistical system, performance evaluation, and political performance offi.

China New Network Dongguan May 26 (Guo Jun Zhang Wen Huang Wenqing) On May 26th, 7▲▽◇:00, D7525 successfully opened from Dongguan Railway Station-■☆•, which is the first time in Dongguan Station, from Dongguan Songshan 950 students in Hunguan Mei School took the train to Shantou to participate in the research activities and opened a four-day research trip. In a population, the young face is filled with the expectation of travel▷■. Seeing the lens cant wait to share his feelings. =▪▲”This is the first time our classmates travel together, go to Shantou to participate in the research trip It is very excited to learn new knowledge and see new things△▪•. “” This research activi.