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[gold satin jacket]Original title: Seven question problems vaccine is not flat, one wave of work▷□. After the fake falsification of rabies vaccine production, Changchun Changsheng creatures were trapped in “潭”. On July 20th-▼△, the Changsheng Biological Announcement said that the wholly-owned subsidiary did not meet the requirements of the ▽◆▲”Bai Bai Broken” Vaccine “Test” items▽-, and was required to punish 3☆◆=.44 million yuan☆◆. The market reflects obvious, after the incident, the long life creature continuously 5 decreased off plates•▽=, and the market value evaporates about 10 billion yuan. The event is confusing, the China New Agency is a seven issues that are most concerned about throughout the train. Q1. What is the impact of rabies vaccine production records? On July 15th, the State Food and Drug Administration announced that Changchun Changsheng Biological Freezing Man used rabies vaccine to produce record fake and other violations of the “quality management of drug production•…▷”, and sa…-◇○.

Original title: The official website of the National Operators website official WeChat debut March 20th morning, cover journalists learned that WeChat public account “The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection” has been renamed as the ○□”Central Commission for Discipline Inspection”. This is also the first appearance of the official WeChat of the National Committee. The reporter noted that the WeChat system showed that the record time of the name change was March 20, 2018. At 11◆◆▪□:42 on the same day, this WeChat public number after the rename was first pushed a total of 7 articles. Including the “Director of the National Supervision Committee, deputy director, how did a member-◁☆…? “…□△▷,” National supervisory law adopted! Important milestones of anti-corruption treatment At the same time, the reporter also noted that the previous Central Commission for Discipline Inspection has also been changed to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection★▽, Chinese peopl custom print athletic wear•◇▼△ does working out in a hoodie burn more calories clothing distributors!

Original title: Beijing concentratedly destroyed more than 60,000 boxes of unqualified drugs◁△□=, 1▪…▲,000 bottles of fake wine and other fake wine, put the boxed fake medicine from the truck, ready to destroy•◁-. The Beijing News reporter Wang Jianing took the scene of fake wine, some trademarks fell. The Beijing News reporter Wang Jianing takes staff to throw the fake goods into the destroyed pool. Beijing News reporter Wang Jianing takes the staff to destroy the fake wine in the scene…▽=. Beijing News Reporter Wang Jianing takes the Beijing News News (Reporter Zuo Yan Yan Dai Xuan) “3 • 15” International Consumer Rights Day is coming. The Beijing Public Security Bureau Eating Pharmacy Brigade will also focus on the citys food and drug inspection team, and the seized counterfeit food drugs will be concentrated, including more than 60,000 boxes, and inspect unqualified drugs, and more than 1,000 bottles pretending◆=. Maotai▪▲, five grai▼◁•○.utility vest wholesale.