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[color block parka]Original title: The governor is not evacuated in the letter: Changan Street▽◁, I am grateful to everyone, this is a precious honor☆■, we will cherish it, it will make persistent efforts; thank you for your shooting bricks, this is timely Spirit, we smelled□★, must try to correct. “To say this, it is the Governor of Gansu Tang Renjian□◇. Today, the “Gansu Daily△▼” reported that Tang Renxiao sent a netizen and said to them that Gansu became better because of your •◇=”golden some”. Tang Renjian (data map) Changan Street, IC, Tang Dynasty The results, it is also facing problem.

Original title: How high is the “meeting▲▷▪” of the International Organization of the United Nations■▪? Last year, my countrys payment of 1.6 billion yuan in Beijing News (Reporter Dai Xuan) With the strength of national strength, more and more important international organizations can see Chinas figure○=▽-. Today (July 20), the central department of 2017 is open to society. According to the information disclosed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a total of 16387.2 million yuan last year▪▽, and the implementation rate is 83.6%. Last year, the department pays a contribution fee to 31 international organizations including the United Nations, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and complete the output indicators◆•●. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the completion of this project showed that my country s active responsibility for the international responsibility and obligations▲▪▲, enhanced our discourse and shadows in my countrys related international organization☆…◁■.

Original title: Weekend national warmth next week□□▪•, when the temperature is ridiculous, China Weather network news is expected to be present today (31st), most of the country is unanimous, and the highest temperature in the central and eastern region is generally 20 ° C, and it is full of spring. Weekend. At the beginning of the next week◇□…■, the temperature was large, and a lot of local temperatures rose next Monday to the highest point■-…★. But before and after April 3, strong cold air came, Henan, Shandong accumulated cooling rate up to 20 ° C, the public Please pay attention to the approach forecast, increase or decrease the clothes in time. The heating temperature penetration weekend next week□◆△◇, the temperature is rushing to fall back Huanghuai cools 20 ° C Recently, the weather is warmed, Qinghai Lake ushered in the lake season…■. (Source: Xinhua Net) Yesterday, the central and Huanghuai in the Northwest China had a wide range of cooling△●□▽. Monitoring shows, eastern Qinghai, Zhongnan□▷, Gansu, Ningx?

Original title•▼: Understand these seven key points, you know the monitoring method on March 20th, the ◇▲▽”Peoples Republic of China Supervision Act” was passed by the 13th National Peoples Congress☆-◆…. This legal solemnity of national monitoring and basic effects●★●, opened the new journey of the countrys anti-corruption legislation, will be awarded in the great practice of strictly govern the party and anti-corruption struggle in the new era. Great reverberation. What is the extraordinary process of the birth of the supervision law? What places in this law worth particular attention? What is far-reaching and significant? We combed 7 key points and read you with the monitoring. Adhere to the partys leaders “Adhere to the Leaders of the Communist Party of China” “in Xi Jinpings new era of Chi▲□•.

Original title•△★■: Chinas capital market has brewed the national events, happened today! (Attached to the industry, stock market, good list) 9 oclock this morning■-△, my countrys crude oil futures officially listed in the Shanghai International Energy Trading Center, which means Chinas first international futures variety is officially launched…▽▼. The data shows that last year my countrys oil imports reached 422 billion tons, and the external dependency is nearly 70%◁▷☆▲. It is already the worlds largest crude oil importer and the second largest crude oil consumption••◁. It has formed a huge industrial chain worth 6☆◇▪▽.5 trillion yuan◆☆. And consumer system▽△▪. my countrys listed crude oil futures will provide more Chinese market opportunities and more investment options for global investors. Great, my country black satin varsity jacket! This 17 second video, today being brushed★◆◁, this big thing has brewed for seventeen years bra manufacturers in usa t shirt wholesale distributors! Liu Shudu: Confiden.casual jacket manufacturer – blank apparel.