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[fitness equipment manufacturers usa]Original title: The right road ▼••”Bubble Artifact△▲★” is suspected of “three no products” continued: China Youth Network Beijing July 4 (Reporter Suiqiang) Not long ago, China Youth Network reported Beijing Spring Health Technology Co.◇☆, Ltd. The right road “water needle meter suspected of●★▷-” three no products “was investigated by the regulatory authority◆■▲▪, which triggered a wide focus of society. After that, Deng Zi Dan (Deng Chunying), the founder of Chun Zhijian (Deng Chunying) replied that this situation “is not deliberate◁△△”△★▽◁, because “I dont know the law◆•”△○, I am currently being investigated and rectified. Beijing Spring Jian Company has previously declared that it will push forward road water needle instrument and water herbal foot bath powder in December 2015, 4◆=,300 in Beijing, Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi☆○▷, Ningxia◁★, Anhui, Zhejiang. Positive road water needle instrument health experien.

Original title: Hong Kong media pay attention to Asia vote signed the first to China Project: Help -…”Beijing Blue” Reference Information Network on March 21▪▼, Hong Kong Media said that the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank signed the first to China on March 19th•▷. In the construction of Beijing natural gas delivery pipe network, help “Beijing Blue”. According to the Hong Kong “Asian Times” website reported on March 20□■, Jindun, Yamagou, said that climate change is the entire international community◆▼…, including the common responsibility of multilateral development banks. By investing in clean energy□◇, the Asia vote hopes to have their own responsibilities and curb global warming. In December 2017, Ya Tao announced the approved loans of $ 250 million (about 1.582 billion yuan)▪▷▷…, which covers approximately 510 Beijing villages◇●▪○, connecting 21.675 million familie.

Original title▪▪★■: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs attending the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum for Asia 2018, Chairman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, held a Chinese and foreign media blowing△•-□. Xinhua News Agency Beijing April 3 (Reporter Tan Jingjing, Pan Jie) Ministry of Foreign Affairs 3 Blowout. State Councilors and Foreign Minister Wang Yi introduced Xi Jinping, Chairman of Xi Jinping attends the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum 2018 and held relevant activities, and answered reporters•◆. Wang Yi said that Boao Forum will open in Hainan▽▷▷◆, China President Xi Jinping will be invited to attend the opening ceremony of the forum annual meeting and publish an important chair, meeting with foreign state heads, government heads◁=□■, and international organizations●◇★. The collective meets the book of the forum and talks with the Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs•◁. At that time, Austrian President Van Deb□•☆•.

Original title: A brigade 74th group army launched two annexious armored vehicles in a sea area in South China Sea March 27■◁, the Armys 74th Group Army launched two annexious armored car at sea driving training in a sea area in South China Sea, fully utilizing complex and variable weather, sea conditions●★◆□, etc. The environment, organizational amphibious armored vehicles conduct sea-based basic driving●△, through a number of lessons such as restrictions such as roads, floodwater. Source□▷▪◇: “China Army” WeChat public account Editor▲■□◇: Zhang Yili.

Original title: Lotte Mart intends to sell more than 50 stores will be fully withdrawn from China▲●◇! Lotte Mart Overseas Network May 11th According to Han Dian, the Korea Lotian Group said on the 11th that the day of Lotte Shop will convene a council☆•▪-, publish the decision of more than 50 stores in East China, Jiangsu, etc◁▲☆◇.▽…★●, the above store, expected Sell ​​to the Legsu Group in prices 280 billion to 290 billion won (approximately RMB 1○◇=-.77 billion to 1720 million). The report said that in the last month, Lotte Mart has sold 21 stores in Beijing to the Maitsu Group in Beijing at the price of 24.85 billion won (about RMB 1.8 billion)•◆. With the sale of the store in East China, Lotte Mart will be only 14 stores in Northeast China. According to reports•▪□, this family 20. boys compression shirts oem sweatpants.

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