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[military style vest]Original title: [Details Disclosure] Why is the highest inspection directly some of the Beijing Nine Source: Changan Street, March 9, March 9▲○=, the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate, Cao Jianming, at the first meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress▪=, attended the work report The Beijing procuratorial organs were mentioned in the report=▼▼-, and the local procuratorial organ of the number mentioned was included□▪◆. The content covered the Beijing procuratorate actively serving the national major strategic implementation, preventing significant risks, deepening the reform of the judicial system▼▲▷…, and the country Monitoring system reform and experience practices in typical cases in accordance with the law. 1. Reporting the original text ■○”Resolutely safeguard the national security ..▪◁..…=… Beijing▪▽, Yunnan, Xinjiang and other discipline inspectors from the express arms” 10 · 28 “=…◇▪, Kunming◇……” 3 · 01 “-☆, Shao●■” 7 · .

Original title-★▷-: Destruction of unity and unified pollution political ecology resolutely prevent and oppose the dock culture (hot dissection) Chai Bao Yongxiai comrade emphasized in the 19th National Report of the Party, “resolutely prevent and oppose politicalism, circle culture●•★, and terminal culture.” This important requirement has strong reality. Resolutely prevent and oppose the cultural culture of the pier•□△▷, not only the internal requirements of strict treatment of the party, and the political character of the majority of party members and cadres■•▪○. Pier culture in political science is refers to a feudal gang culture with sectic and geographicalism. The main culture of the traditional society has been long★★□=, and there is no shortage of “knife private privacy”, •▲”the party gang●▪△•” is fighting=●★•, ○◁▲▲”playing rights to the party”□▲. People who believe in the dock culture will intersect interests◇•, and try to maintain the interests of a few people▪▷▲▷. th.

Xinhua News Agency Hebei Xiongan May 26th, Item=▽-■: Millennium Month◁○△…, how is it ■▷…”Run” Xiongan◆▼? – Nanshi North Mode All Media Research Strue Interview with the Sixth Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Xudong, Qu Ting▼◁◇▪, Zhang Taojiuhe Xiajun, North China Pearl. Baiyangdian is like Xiongan▼▷◆=, like West Lake in Hangzhou. The Xiongan New District contains the entire waters of Baiyang. Standing in the Baiyangdi on Xiongan Anxian County looked around, the water was broadly sparkling, and the large piece of reeds like the green field of the water△▲, the wind blows, green waves▷▲○, and endless. Xiongan New District is a millennium□■◁◁, national events, adhering to the new development concept, high standard high quality construction, Baiyangdian is critical to constructing the beauty of ecology△▲▽. Baiyangdian, this H?

China New Network Changzhi May 28th◆•: ​​The 60-year-old man Kaikang Library Near 10,000 books witnessed the author Wu Qiong Li Huahua •●◆”Collect the literature of the Southern Southern Region, which can also reserve the historical memory of the place, and can also use the texts of the text▼▲•. Promote cultural exchanges and inherit the local culture. “28th, the 61-year-old Tibetan Tibetan Tibetan Tibetan, Li Haiquan, showed the local documentary information collected in 10 years. Literary works-●•▲, local history, drama script, academic discipline … Shanxi Province Changzhi City, Zhangzhou District…☆▪-, there is a collection of Tibetan libraries that specialize in the southeast region of Jinnan, a wide range of books, attracting readers to watch. When I started Li Haiquan…◁, I love to read the book■◆■, and the book is his childhoo?