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[down waterproof jackets]Original title: 4 consecutive days without rest! China sea police ship continued to cruise the Diaoyu Islands China Sea Police ship (Ziyuan: Japan NHK News) Overseas Network March 26◁□…•, 4 China sea police ship in Diaoyu Islands Continuous Region The sea area cruises and was unreasonable warning of the Japanese maritime security headquarters○○-. The Japanese media said that Chinas sea police ship has appeared near the Diaoyu Islands for a new year. According to Japan NHK News and “Nursing News…•” report, Japans 11th tube area is headquartered, on the 26th★-◇, Japan Maritime Security Hall patrol boat discovers four Chinese sea police ships to sail in the Diaoyu Islands☆■, 1 suspected equipment As of 9 oclock in the morning of the local time, 4 Chinese sea police ships were in the northwest of Diaoyu Islands. It is approximately 29 kilometers to 34 kilometers to the sea area☆▲▼. Japans maritime security headquarters is unreasonable to warn Chinas sea polic.

Xinhua News Agency▲●▽=, May 27th, Soundtrack▼□-=: Democratic Government refuses to continental vaccine▼-▪★, a few mean? Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhao Danping Taiwans epidemic continued to intensify, mainland compatriots look in an urgent point in their eyes. The spokesperson of the National Table Office once again said that the greatest effort will help Taiwan compatriots to help the epidemic. Groups and organizations such as Shanghai□□…, Jiangsu, Fujian said, respectively, willing to donate vaccines to Taiwan. Fosun Pharmaceutical Group has previously said that the German Bayen Taike vaccine of the agent is willing to Taiwan compatriots. Some counties and cities in Taiwan have responded that they can buy German vaccines through Shanghai Fosun▷…○. In this regard◇□◇☆, the Taiwan administrative agencies and the land committees responded□▷•◁. There is a bit embarrassing, the attitude is cle.

Original title British Media: Shanghai Hotel is a tricks of the indoor air than the room 10 times the reference news network on March 28, the new media said that the newly opened Condi hotel appearance is luxurious●▪, it seems to have no other high-end hotels in Shanghai△★●. Different•…, there is a pool, huge ballroom and a high-end spa in the hotel▲…▪□. However, it is most proud of having a very rare in Chinas big cities-•★△: clean indoor air. According to the British ☆▪”Guardian” website reported on March 27, thousands of hotels in this super big city were not high▷•□, which means that in order to attract customers, the hotel needs to provide more luxurious while reducing prices. special service. In PM2.5, it is often more than such a city in Beijing, and this luxury hotel has come to a new idea. Report th▼□-★. wholesale clothing vendors usa clothing manufacturers usa – windbreaker fit breathable fleece jacket supplier jean wholesale vendors,