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[can you deflate an exercise ball]Original title□◇•△: Due to equipment failure, high-speed railway large-area stops New Beijing News (Reporter Zeng Qiu) According to the Guangzhou Railway Bureau news, today (March 5), Guangzhou high-speed rail due to some of the train is late▽•▲-, stop●▷, Passengers can refund any station in the country within 30 days. At noon today, Mr▲=. Li said to the Beijing News reporter that•▼, according to the original plan, he took 8 oclock in Shenzhen North 8 points from Guangzhou, ▲▽…”The result was waiting for 5 hours.” The reporter search found◆■○, no Passengers who take the Guangzhou-Shenzhen high-speed rail have been dissatisfied with the online post, but also have the affected, not only Guangzhou and Shenzhen▷▽▲, and there are Humens and other stations. According to the 12306 ticket information, the D-head and the G top head are basically stopped, and the C-head ticket is still available. According to the Shenzhen North Station, the news is called, on March 5□◁!

China News Agency, Hong Kong, on May 27, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Legislative Council considers the “In 2021 Perfection Election System (Comprehensive Revision) Bill□△”, the group of Hong Kong welcomed this, and the group pointed out that the Bill will be opened. “Patriot Governance” era. The Hong Kong CPP stated that resolutely supported the Legislative Council on the Hong Kong Special Economic Zone constitutional order and the rule of law, improve the Hong Kong election system and mechanism to comprehensively and accurately implement the ■•◁”one country, two systems” policy, opened the =★■=”Patriot Governor●▷■◇” era○○○, highlighting maintenance The determination of national sovereignty, security…-▼, development interests, in line with the actual situation in Hong Kong and democratic process=▪□, played administrative leadership, administrative legislation and mutual cooperati▷•?

Original title Cao Jianming○▷: The case error needs to be courage, and it is necessary to dare to open to the public that there is a mistake “whether the court or the procuratorate•▷, correcting the wrong case★☆-◁.▪◆▽” On March 10th in Sichuan Delegation considered ” At the time of the high -▲”work report△…◁▷, the National Peoples Congress representative◇◆-□, the Supreme Peoples Procuratorate, Cao Jianming, said that the case corrects need to be courage, in fact, the error correction is more than the fault of the reorganization, including the fault of the procuratorate, the fault of public security. He said that we must dare to open a mistake to the society. He said that in the past 5 years, a group of wrong cases have been corrected▲◇, and the people are awkward, and this peoples court has worked a lot. The procuratorate and the court have also formed a joint force□•=◇, including both the procuratorate to discover the wrong case•▪◆■, filed a procuratorial proposal to the court, and aesthetic, including the court found a mistak. apparel suppliers activewear distributors bright yellow womens shirt windproof softshell jackets manufacturer!