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[baby wholesale clothing]Xinhua full media + Guangzhou epidemic prevention and control site direct hit: Liwan District all nucleic acid detection vaccination acceleration Xinhua News Agency Guangzhou May 27th, Guangzhou epidemic prevention and control site direct hit: Liwan District all nucleic acid detection vaccination acceleration Xinhua News Agency reporter Before the leaves, Xu Hongyi, Huan Yun has added 1 case of new coronary pneumonia in Liwan District, May 21, as of the late 26th, these rounds have been diagnosed, 3 people are asymptomatic infected▲▷▼. Liwan District has quickly launched a nucleic acid testing, and it is expected that more than 1 million people will accept testing, and it is planned to complete all staff inspections in the region within two days. All members of Liwan District launched nucleic acid testing quickly launched a new coronary virus pneumonia epidemic in Liwan Distri•-.

Original title: Dynasty and South Koreas business meeting, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs-▪: Hope to continue to promote the process of reconciliation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a routine press conference▼▷△◇, and the spokesperson answered the reporter. Q: According to reports, on the 6th, Zheng Yi, the head of the Hanfang Special Envoy▪△…, said that the Korean and Korean parties agreed to hold the third Korean leader in the Bailou at the end of April▷•=●. The two sides agreed to set up a leader hotline, and the leaders of the two countries will conduct the first call before meeting the board store. In addition, Zheng also said that the DPRK indicates that the willingness to realize the non-nuclearization of the peninsula▪☆=○, Jin Jong En said that the semi-semi-stable situation is stable, and Han Meis joint military exercise can be adjusted☆▽■●. What is Chinas comment? A: For a long time, China has always advocated and actively promoted all parties to solve the peninsula problem by dialogue■△=, and advocated the various parties to establish mutual trust..

Zhongxin Net Daqing May 27 (Xie Wen Yan reporter Shijofef) China Petroleum Daqing Petrochemical Company issued a message, the company ◁▷■”IBC Barrel Special Resin DMDB4506 Production Technology Development and Industrial Application” project product comprehensive performance reached imported product level…■•, and obtained the EU 13 international certifications such as ROSH Directive, US FDA have become the ace product of Daqing Petrochemical High-density Polyethylene (HDPE)▪•, which greatly increases the market competitiveness of Chinas oil HDPE products. IBC buckets are also known for a thousand liters, tonnes or medium bulk cargo containers■◇▷☆, is a super large plastic container for shipping liquid products, suitable for sea-◆★, land and air transport. Because of its own defen.

Original title: US media exposed China “pressure=☆” USA traffic letter•◆: 30 days to complete the rectification within 30 days△-▲○, otherwise further measures Source: Observer Network [Observer Network Comprehensive Report] last month, US media said China Civil Aviation Authority letter letter Airlines around the world require a misunderstanding of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as a “country”. On the 5th, the White House published a boycott of statement, saying that this practice is ◁★”Owah non-vanguo”. On the same day, the “Washington Post▪=” exposed the letter from UNITED AIRLINES●○★◇, and the letter clearly requested to complete the rectification in the United States. According to the ▽•”Washington Post…•” on the 5th★▼…◇, the columnist Joshi Luo Jin (Josh Rogin) said that the China Civil Aviation Authority has obtained the “pressure” letter of the United NaC?wholesale infant clothes.