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[shiny varsity jacket]Original title: Beijing todays highest 22 ° C refreshing this years new high Xi San street▪★○, many citizens wearing short sleeves. Beijing News This morning (March 24), Beijing began to make it. The maximum temperature of the afternoon is 22 ° C, and it is high in temperature this year▽★☆. It is expected that the weather is mainly sunny in the next three days○☆▽▪, the temperature is slow▼●, but the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the public needs to adjust the dress in time. Responsible Editor: Zhang .

Original title: Peoples Meeting Learn•○, the draft monitoring, the new Beijing News (Chief reporter Wang Wei) will hold the fourth plenary meeting according to the 13th National Peoples Congress◁△, will hold the fourth plenary meeting, listen to the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee Description of the draft monitoring law. This is the third time of the draft monitoring process since June 2017. As early as January 2016, at the Six Plenary Session of the 18th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, General Secretary Xi Jinping made a deployment of the supervision system reform▼●□★. He pointed out that “to do a good job in the top design of the supervisory system, strengthen the partys self-supervision, and strengthen the supervision of the national machine…•▼▷”, “Be adhered to the unified leadership of the party and the harvest of party-style and clean government☆-■•, expand the surveillance, integration Monitoring power, improve national monitoring organization, forming a comprehensive coverage of national organs and its civil servan.

Original title: Foreign college graduates go to Nanjing interview, can apply for 1,000 yuan to subsidize Nanjing released on March 6th, in order to implement the “Notice issued by Nanjing Municipal Peoples Government of Nanjing Municipal Committee” (Ningba Fa [2018] 1 No.)…■, in-depth implementation of young college students ▽…○-“Ningju Plan”…▲, attracting more college graduates in Ning employment, now in the field college graduates come to Ning Tao test subsidies and young college students opening subsidies to the following: First, foreign college graduates come Ning Tao test subsidy (1) Interview subsidies declaration conditions 1, non-graduation certificate in Ningquans graduation certificate in Ningquans Japanese college (including overseas universities)▲•■, has not received a diploma in graduation◁▽, but colleges and universities have received colleges and universiti-○▽□!

Original title: 2 village cadres in Henan Province•△◇, were revoked in the party●▪: relying on the grabbing to determine the poor households “Shuihe Town is actually taking the poverty, this seeming fair fact is harming the peoples interests. The practice should be resolutely correct … “Recently, the rectification of the Yushi County Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission did not act as a question, and the head of the county discipline committee was notified in the field of poverty alleviation▽▼, chaos. Typical Case. Not long ago, more than 10 people arrived at the Xi County Commission for Discipline Inspection, reflecting the poor households in the horizontal village of Water Slope Town•◆◇▽, identified by grasp. After receiving the reflection, the county discipline committee supervision committee immediately conducted an investigation. After investigation, July 2016, when the secretary of the village■■▲▼, the secretary of the Village, the party cadres took a grasp of the •△◆▽”poor household” and reported to the poverty alleviation offic●▲.

Zhongxin Network Guiyang May 28th Suggestion: Guizhou focuses on “one network” effectiveness to make the company and the peoples work more convenient, Yue Wang into the government service hall, brush the face•▽▪, and adjust the applicant electronic ID card Complete the relevant business ▪◁○..▲◇..▷•. Today◆=, in the Government Office at all levels of Guizhou▽=▽▲, the application of digital scenes in government services is getting richer and more convenient and fast. In the government affairs hall of Baiyun District☆□◁…, Guiyang City•▷, Li Mr……★◇. Li forgot to take a ID card, originally thought that it is unable to handle business■△. Who knows, with the help of the staff, he successfully handled its business with an electronic ID card. “Electronic certificate is too convenient, save time-▽▲□, efficiency.” It is understood that Guizhou is current. lularoe 2017 elegant wholesale priceshow to produce socks custom rain waterproof jackets wholesale custom socks bulk,