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hooded flannel jackets – wholesale zumba clothing distributor royal blue blazer ladies us clothes manufacturers,[wholesale legging]Original title★■△: The mainland collects Taiwan resident personal information through residence permit▲●•? The National Term Office responded to Overseas Network September 12th, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council held a routine press conference on September 12 at 10•◁▲…:00 am, and responded to the recent hotspot. Shenzhen Satellite TV reporter question•◆■▪: My problem is also the residence permit=○-. The Taiwan authorities claim that the continent has passed the production of residence permits○▷, collecting the personal information of Taiwan residents and fingerprint information. What is the response of the spokesman△▷☆? An Fengshan said that the Taiwanese residents of the United States residents have a built-in chip◆▪, register fingerprints△▽, mainly for the convenience of documents and prevent counterfeiting•▲■▲. In the era of informationization○▽△□, such practices are very common, and the ID card of mainland residents has such a request. In doing so, on the one hand▷◁☆-, it can effectively use the existing resident ID car.

Original title▲■: Beijing released a big wind blue warning tonight to tomorrow will have Level 7 gust in China Weather Network News Beijing Meteorological Opportunities on the 14th to release a large wind blue warning, affected by cold air, expected to be half-night to 15 days after 14 days The city will appear 4, 5 northern winds, the gust can reach 7 levels, and the local area is accompanied by the sand; at the same time●◁▼, the temperature has declined△☆▷…. Please pay attention to prevention. 1. Governments, relevant departments and units to prevent wind and wind preparations in accordance with their responsibilities, pay close attention to forests, grassland and urban fire prevention, airports, railways and transportation management departments should take measures to ensure traffic safety◁▪▲; 2, stop high altitude□▽◆☆, water outdoor homework and amusement Activity; 3, reinforcing blasts, sheds▽▲○, billboards•◆▪●, etc. It is easy to be blown by wind blowing, and properly resettle outdoor items that are easily damaged by win▽●◇◁.

Source: China Daily [News] Today, Tiangong Mission today] On April 2nd On the orbit (near location height is about 136▼▲.0 km, the height of the distance is about 141□▲△.6 km, the tilt angle is about 42.7 degrees)☆▽, and the reincarnation time is expected to be 8:49 on April 2 (the earliest time 8:14▷▲, the latest time 9:33 ), The center point of the re-enter area is located in the West◆■•☆, 10.2 degrees in the South. Tiangong No.1 launched on September 29, 2011, and six branches with Shenzhou 8, No. 10 spacecraft▲▼▽◇, completed various established tasks•••, and made a significant contribution to Chinas manned spaceflight development. .