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[china high waist sport leggings]Original title: Foreign media pay attention to Wang Yi visited Malaysia: Malaysian is always ready to report foreign media on August 1st, Malaysia is ready to cooperate with China to further strengthen the comprehensive strategy of Chinas 2013 in 2013. Partnerships. According to Malaysias ◁★☆▪”New Straits Times” report, Malaysia Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Malaysia realized that China is always a close friend and important partner in Malaysia★▷☆▪. With the State Councilors and Foreign Minister Wang Yi■□◇, from July 31, the good relationship between the two countries will continue. The Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement on the 30th★▽: “Wang Yi will be at the Prime Minister Master Muhammad on Wednesday (August 1). This visit will reflect t▼☆▷▲.

Original title: Chinese people from Tokyo Street stamped Japan security, Japanese netizens responded to fierce first to see paragraph video. It is estimated that some people have seen it◁▽▼, then they may wish to appreciate it. Is it very hot▲▲•■? This is not a new version of the old and dyed, a few Chinese■△, playing Japan security security in Tokyo. The site of racing to others play Japanese•△=, but their behavior has been rarely criticized by domestic netizens, and they feel that they are shameful. This all-in-law is even more fried in Japanese public opinion. Foreigners have happening in Japanese crime news, but generally only such a large news such as murder will be received by the mainstream media in Japan. Such an almost all of the Japanese mainstream media, which is suspected of intentional injury, is a report, which is quite rar◁=•-!

Zhongxin Net Lanzhou May 28 (Reporter Wei Jianjun) “Foreign people tend to eat natural packaging casings■▲▼◆, they like the first mouth to bite the sound of 嘣.” Lanzhou Yicheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Chen Jiang said that natural casings and meat have adhesion▷●□, breathable□▼○, chewy, can be eaten directly□○-, a lot of characteristic casings cannot be replaced▽☆☆-. Located in the Lanzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone▼□▪, “Yicheng Biology◇○■” is a production export enterprise that runs natural casings. It is the first in Chinas natural casing industry. The company produced domestic “sheep salad……” conquered Eurasian dining table▷□. “The casings is the sausage coat, packaging material. china ski waterproof jacketscustom dance uniforms – sublimation shirts.

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