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[shiny letterman jacket]Original title★△•: Minister of Education, all teachers•••△! This sound order, directly to the parents of the parents◇◇ activewear wholesale vendors usa lifting bar types! On the morning of March 16th, the 13th National Peoples Congress held a reporter meeting△□▷, and the Minister of the Ministry of Education, Mr▲▷. Chen Baosheng◁•☆◇, answered the reporter on the hot problem. Chen Baosheng left a lot of wonderful words at the reporter, and made a force for many educational issues. We quickly comb, come together athleisure wholesale vendors○◇◁ royal apparel organic cotton – 280 gsm hoodie.! Minister of Education, Chen Baosheng▼■▷▪: Teacher will never allow the minister of the Ministry of Education to say that the Minister of Education is said that it is negligible from five aspects, including the teachers teaching, it is to follow the master. Lesson□□△, never allowed lessons, lectures▼=, less lectures, and even encourage students to participate in training●◇▪. Minister of Education Chen Baoshen.

Excellent Party Member of the Communist Party of China, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor Chen Qing▷○▼, a professor of China University of Mining University, is invalid because of the disease, death at 15:33 on May 26◇■, 2021○▷•★, was 95 years old•▽●. Chen Qingru, was born in Hangzhou▽☆▷, Zhejiang Province in December 1926◇▽◇, joined the Communist Party of China in June 1953. In 1952□▪, he graduated from the Tangshan Jiaotong University Mining Department. From July 1952…◇▷☆, he served in Tangshan Jiaotong University, China Mining University▼▷•. In 1983■■☆•, he was promoted to professor, and the government special allowance was enjoyed in 1991. In May 1995, he was elected as a Chinese Academy of Engineering■☆. Chen Qingru, is one of the founders of my countrys mineral processing disciplines and one of the pioneer.

Chinese Education News reporter: My question is given to Liu Limin Member. Pre-education is a short board in education▪=. On the one hand, the total amount is insufficient. On the other hand, the quality is also to be improved. How do you think how to further increase resource supply■●▲? Thank you■▪■○. Liu Limin: Everyone in the media, thank you very much for this reporter to ask me, very much agree with your analysis. At present, pre-education is facing both large-scale development and is facing improving quality. Everyone knows that pre-education is a very important part of the national education system. The Party Central Committee, the State Council attaches great importance to the development of pre-school education, I can tell you a set of numbers. In 2009, the three-year penetration rate of pre-school education was 50◇□■.9%◁=■●, and it was in a low level in the world○△◁. Three years from the two issu.

Original title△○: The Eastern Army Navy Airperation held the first time to hold the military ranking ceremony△▲◁, 22 people promoted the spring breeze•★▪☆, and the land was spring. In mid-March, the Navy Airperation in the Eastern Avenue held the progress of the military ranking in the school◇■, and more than 200 officers and soldiers participated together. After approval, three military officers in the eastern army of the Eastern Aventers were promoted to the rank of the Navy, and 19 officers were promoted to the rank of professional and technical leaders. At 9 oclock in the morning, the ceremony began in the solemn national song. Eastern Army Navy Deputy Political Commissions, Eastern War District Naval Air Force Political Council Wang Changchun Announces the Naval Command of the War District, and issued a command-shaped command to the Journalist■●-▼. 22 promotional military officers military uniforms▷★=, the spiritual shakes, follow the chairpersses•▲, accept the applause and congratulations on the site officers and men. Witness the honor time, activate the glory gene. “The family can witness the sce•△◁-.

Original title=▼▽□: Improve the order of crime of 亵 Childrens criminal prison =▽”to improve the sin of defamation in children=☆★▷, further increase the protection of children◁•○▲.” The National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference■☆, Vice President Guangzhou University◆▲, at the resident on March 13th, “Legal Daily “The reporter interview called▽△. Vice President of Guangzhou University★◇=, Vice President of Guangzhou. The reporter learned that according to the provisions of the Criminal Law, it is probably defense or insulting women in five years▼◇, according to the provisions of the Criminal Law. Children, from the penalty…☆★▽. It is in the eyes of Xin Wei, in recent years, the crime of defamation is exposed, the root cause is that the crime is too low, and the crime has not been shocked◇△. Yu Xin Wei said that the childs behavior will bring great harm to childrens physical and mental health growth○▲, it is▼-.